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Our Process is:





Providing specialized telepsychology services for the diagnosis and treatment of OCD and related/co-occuring conditions in 39 states (PsyPact authorized).

Treatments for psychological disorders are more effective than ever--and now they can be done from the comfort of home.

We are OCD specialists equipped to assist with OCD and related/co-occuring conditions, including PTSD, Insomnia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and skin-picking/hair-pulling.

We specialize in offering new, science-backed treatments that offer gentler, more affirming alternatives to traditional methods.

About Us

About Us

ScienceWorks Behavioral Healthcare is passionate about providing new, evidence-based treatment options for OCD and related and co-occuring conditions that are gentler and more affirming than traditional approaches.

Strong relationships are our priority.

We meet you where you are with openness, and then develop an individualized therapeutic plan that uses science-backed strategies adapted to you to help you get where you want to go - together.

What makes us different?

ScienceWorks offers premium services that produce results.

We specialize in new, evidence-based treatments for OCD and co-occuring conditions that are gentle and affirming.

  1. Wellness Ecosystem Custom data and communication tools help you use your insurance, schedule services, track your progress, and communicate beteen sessions.​

  2. Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis – We are uniquely qualified to conduct scientifically validated psychological testing. Disorders respond best to treatments designed for them, so effective care begins with the right diagnosis.

  3. Measurement-based Care – By measuring your symptoms over time, we can chart your progress and make changes to maximize your benefits.

  4. Integrated ApproachPhysical and mental wellness are interconnected. Psychotherapy is typically offered on a standalone basis, which can be limiting; ScienceWorks offers support for medication, sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness to help you be your best. We also maintain a professional referral network to ensure that your needs are met, whatever they may be. We are happy to coordinate with your external providers to support holistic care.

  5. Anti-racist, Neurodivergent & LGBTQ+ Affirming – Evidence-based treatments for OCD and related disorders are most beneficial when they are adapted to you. We care about who you are and what makes you thrive. We will not impose practices that work against your goals or way of existing in the world. Increasingly more research-backed therapies offer gentler, more validating alternatives, such as Inference-based CBT for OCD and Written Exposure Therapy (WET) for trauma. We want you to choose the approach that affirms you most. 

The ScienceWorks Mission

Our mission is to improve your wellbeing by using data science to leverage psychological science and evidence-based treatments in a way that is customized to affirm and validate your unique values, strengths, and goals.

"Efficacy builds trust, trust builds relationships, and relationships build the communities that we are proud to serve."

Our Commitment to the Community


ScienceWorks is a virtual safe space for individuals of all identities, cultures, and backgrounds.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality behavioral healthcare and are committed to perpetual improvements that support the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our clients and staff.

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Our Approch
Meaurement-based Care
Creative Working

Our Approach

is insightful and validating - most importantly, it's effective.

Measurement-based Care

Measurement-based care is a new generation of applied psychology that enhances existing evidence-based treatments with specialized quantitative methods.

At ScienceWorks, we use our proprietary Wellness Ecosystem to capture data from multiple sources throughout the treatment process and analyze it in a secure environment with sophisticated technologies. This allows you and your therapist to monitor progress in real-time and ensure that your healthcare team is always working together. These interactive tools help you to engage with your treatment more completely and achieve the best outcomes.

Personal Connections

ScienceWorks sees you without judgement. We are here to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go. This begins with a comfortable and open conversation to learn about your experiences, values, and goals. Neurodivergence, sexual and gender identity, race, religion, and other cultural factors are all important parts of your existence, and the best therapy goals and strategies work within these frameworks, to support and strengthen what makes you uniquely you.


Our process is science-based, but personalized. Our expertise in using evidence-based approaches allows for adaptations to meet individual needs. We adapt to you rather than forcing you to meet arbitrary external standards. Your personal fulfillment matters most.

Integrated Strategies

We're your partner for comprehensive wellness. Physical and mental health are interconnected. Talk therapy, medication, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness have all been found to be effective in treating a wide range of mental health conditions. At ScienceWorks, we work with you to carefully build a treatment plan that combines these strategies in a unique and effective package that is designed specifically for you.


We begin with a comprehensive intake and diagnostic process.

Please check out our services!

Are you interested in learning about how our approach can work for you?

Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions about behavioral health. 

We have answers!

I feel so much shame. How do I know my therapist won't judge me?

  • OCD specialists work everyday with wonderful folks who fear they are capable of horrific sexual/harmful acts, racism, or other undesirable behaviors. It's not you. It's OCD.

  • OCD shame can be particularly hard for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks who fear therapists will reflexively see them through racial or queer-based stereotypes.

  • We see everyone as an individual with inherent goodness.

Many OCD specialists don't take insurance. Do you?

  • We are currently in network with several insurance companies. Ask about this during your free call.

  • We partner with a company called Alma that will let you know if you are covered and what your fee will be.

  • One insurance company's out of network reimbursement may better than another company's in network coverage. We partner with Mentaya to manage your out of network reimbursement, if you choose this path. Click on the Services tab above to access the Mentaya calculator to determine your out of network reimbursement.

I don't want to use ERP for OCD or an exposure-based treatment for PTSD. Are there other options?

  • YES! We specialize in offering more gentle alternatives.

  • Inference-based CBT for OCD is just as effective as ERP and helps you get to the root of the problem without requiring exposure exercises.

  • Written Exposure Therapy (WET) can treat PTSD effectively in 5 sessions. Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) takes more time, but offers a highly effective non-exposure option.

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